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Putting modern controllers and synths into an old piano or organ cabinet


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  • Putting modern controllers and synths into an old piano or organ cabinet

    Recently I've been seeing bands keyboardist using what appears to be a hollowed out B3 cabinet or a piano cabinet mock-up as a keyboard stand - inside are laptops, Nord Synths and MIDI controllers. I just the saw the Wallflowers tonight hiding a Nords Stage and Electro behind what looked like a hollowed out piano.

    I've also seen My Morning Jacket, REM and Band of Horses do the same thing.

    Has anyone done this - knows of Web references of where these things are made? As a keyboard player it would be amazing to hide all your dirty secrets in something like this and give the stage a more retro feel. Hide all your cables, sustain pedals, Ipads, Laptop etc) I noticed Rami Jaffe had the inside top of his hollowed out piano well lit.

    Naturally it would make sense to have something collapse-able for transport.

    Any idea's where I can find more information on these? or what they're even called?

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    Removing the innards from a piano - including the plate - is a lot of work, and I don't see how you can make the case "collapsible." If you're undeterred, measure the width of your keyboard and make sure it will fit on the keybed between the "arms".


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      Your best bet would be to buy some thin wood paneling and make a mock up.


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        I've heard them referred to as shells. Googling "piano shell" came up with this link:

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