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Effects for my new analog drum set up?

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  • Effects for my new analog drum set up?

    Hey guys, I'm brainstorming. I've been playing drums in my new band, and I'm going to swap my snare and kick out for a mbase11 and a mbrane, with pads to play them live. I'm also sticking some contact mics on the bells of my hats, and cymbals, and running everything into a sub mixer, I'm going to throw some effects on the aux/sends, Not too many, but at least three or four good ones.

    Looks for ideas. I think a mooger fooger phase would be bad ass. I'm thinking about an LP filter too, maybe the fooger, or a xone vf-1.

    Probably going to need a delay and a verb, and I'm open to any other ideas you guys think would be cool on drums.
    WTB: Allen & Heath Xone VF-1 Filter