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Classiest use of AutoTune ever - great keyboards for a bonus.

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  • Classiest use of AutoTune ever - great keyboards for a bonus.

    Sorry if I'm a little late on this. It was released a while ago but I hadn't seen it until today while watching PBS. The keyboard work is excellent and very tastefully done.


    melodysheep is John D. Boswell, creator of the web series Symphony of Science and a host of other unique musical remixes and projects. http://symphonyofscience.com/

    This song or the whole album can be downloaded here for "name your own price": http://melodysheep.bandcamp.com/albu...s-for-the-soul

    1.Feel the Force (Yoda) 03:23

    2.The Big Electron (Bill Hicks + George Carlin) 02:30

    3.They're Out There, Man 01:35

    4.Be Water My Friend (Bruce Lee) 02:19

    5.Go The F*** To Sleep 02:16

    6.The Real You (Alan Watts) 02:49

    7.Garden of Your Mind (Mr. Rogers) 032

    8.Happy Little Clouds (Bob Ross) 03:23

    9.Journey to the Moon 02:27

    10.Keep on Cooking (Julia Child) 03:46

    11.The Science Rap (Ali G) 02:36

    12.Get Pitted 01:50

    13.Save the Trees (George Carlin) 01:17

    14.Feeling Chilled (Snuggie Remix) 024

    15.We Can Help (Billy Mays & Scatman John) 02:31

    16.Bite of the Great White (Shark Week remix) 020

    17.Metal Songs for Kids 024
    <b>Response from John from American Musical Supply on why I have received 2 used/damaged Korg M3's and 1 reboxed M3 from Guitar Center (a.k.a. while I'll never buy from AMS again):</b><br><br><blockquote><hr>Footfall wrote:<br><p>What you're experiencing with these units is the result of our warehouse crew intentionally &quot;overpacking&quot; this product.</p><br><hr></blockquote><br><font size="1"><i><b>Current Korg Gear:</b> KRONOS 88 (4GB), M50-73 (PS mod), RADIAS-73, Electribe MX, Triton Pro (MOSS, SCSI, CF, 64MB RAM), DVP-1, MEX-8000, MR-1, KAOSSilator, nanoKey, nanoKontrol, nanoPAD 2</i></font>

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    Yeah, that's a good one. Thanks for reminding me!