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Compact amplification for tight venues.


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  • Compact amplification for tight venues.

    I know this topic has been beaten to death but I'd like to try a new angle on it. Lately I've been getting a lot of gigs in small restaurants where there's not much space for the band. The instrumentation is a trio: piano, upright bass, vocals (or flute once), playing jazz standards and some low-key pop. I'm playing a Roland RD-700SX through a Motion Sound KP200s. I love the MS but it's big and clunky and takes up too much space at these gigs. Can you recommend something smaller and more compact? There is a house PA, but just for vocals.

    I'v been able to try out a QSC K10 and I like it (although I find it to be significantly brighter than my MS). I can carry it in one hand and it's super loud. How about a K8 or an EV ZXA1? Do you still get a nice full piano and rhodes sound through an 8" speaker?



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      Quote Originally Posted by Shawn2009
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      "... How about a K8 or an EV ZXA1? Do you still get a nice full piano and rhodes sound through an 8" speaker?..."

      In my opinion for the environment you're describing, yes.
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        I have a K-10 for my keyboards and for me it is the best balance of sound quality and portability.

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          those bose portable PA speakers would be ideal for that.
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            The K10 is the best choice if you don't mind the price tag. The other choice I would recommend is the Bose L1 Compact. It can be fitted for many heights.


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              K8 would work; it has a different tonal balance than the K10, which sounds the most pleasing to my ears.

              When evaluating the K series, make sure to place all the tone control switches in back to flat - one provides a vocal midrange boost and another provides a bass boost, which is totally unnecessary IMO.
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                I compared the K8 and ZXa1. I found the EV to be much more neutral, so piano in particular sounded better. But the K8 definitely goes louder (and the K10 would go louder still).