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First gig playing keys as "main" instrument. I usually only play piano:)


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  • First gig playing keys as "main" instrument. I usually only play piano:)

    I`ve always felt a little like a fish out of water when it comes to playing synth only in improvised music. I play alot of synth on a regular basis with different artists and in studio, but have never felt completely able to express myself the way I wanted to.

    But now I took the plunge and joined a powertrio playing a Nord Stage (or whatever that has a rhodes-ish sound).

    Hope you like it

    Ehh, not much hardware anymore.
    Nord Wave, Electro 2 and Blofeld keyboard.

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    WOW! You certainly have chops and an interesting variety of prog-rock at your command.

    Have you ever thought about standing when you play? Your presentation would be a lot better IMHO, especially if you could play a rig like SLScott86's. I think sitting in a power trio makes the bass player seem like the boss.

    Another idea you may find entertaining would be to stand up and use a Hammond spinet organ as your Nord stand. Attach the Hammond to a modelling guitar amp or something. There will be even more variety in your pallette. If the spinet you choose is in the L100 series (easiest to modify), you will be playing the same spinet as Keith Emmerson. How cool is that?
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