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Should I drag out the Leslies for tonight?


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  • Should I drag out the Leslies for tonight?

    Got a VK-77 Roland organ. Pretty good fake leslie, at least as good a mic'd leslie. (I hate mic'ing the leslies. Takes 3D sound and makes it 2D.) Gotta make up my mind in the next few hours. (Got a 760 and an 825. Usually only bother with the 760 indoors.)

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    If it was still December 20th, I'd say hell yes. Might've been your last chance. Since we all survived the 21st, I'd say screw it and just take the VK-77. But I'm a drinker and it's new years eve. If you don't drink and don't mind the hassle.... go for it.


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      I would definitely drag out that 760! (I miss mine).
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        I use a combo pre-amp II to drive it. One of these days I might invest in an 11 pin adapter. (The organ can use aftertouch on the upper manual to shift leslie speeds.) Think I'm gonna load it up in an hour.


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          If you have roadys .. yes ..... if not you may hurt your back , if you do please upload video please
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            Quote Originally Posted by WynnD
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            The organ can use aftertouch on the upper manual to shift leslie speeds.

            That's a great idea! I never did like the conventional switches, so I always used a footswitch, but of course that puts a crimp on pedal playing...


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              Dragged the 760 out for the gig. I do love the sound. (Though the VK-77's fake rotary sound is very good.) The 40 year old Kustom is being used as a piano amp. It's fairly good, but the horn's capacitor has been replaced by a full crossover and the 15" speakers are better than stock.

              I do have a PK7 pedalboard and the expression pedal has two side switches that are assignable. I'm not using it in this band, but finding suitable footwear for playing pedals has been an issue and I'd love some suggestions that run short of playing in my socks.


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                The answer to this question is always yes!

                Doing an 11->9 pin conversion should be pretty easy. Buy the connectors you need from tonewheelgeneral.com, along with a panel-mount diamond thing, a hood, and a yard of 9-pin Leslie cable. Find a project box and a grommet suitable for the Leslie cable, and a female IEC power connector. Mount everything in the box.


                Connect the audio and switching grounds on the 11-pin together. Jump like-named wires across. Supply AC for the 760 from the IEC connector. Mount a switch on the box if you're feeling adventurous. You should probably skip the CPA power connections, just to be safe, since you won't be using them.

                Of course, I have never actually built this... but it should work! Follow up on the organ forum if you have problems...or if it works!

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