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Okay, what did you get for Christmas?


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  • Okay, what did you get for Christmas?

    I noticed that the December 2012 New Gear thread fell off to page 3 so I thought I'd throw this out there for S&G.

    The best girlfriend EVAR got me these (bless her heart):

    Yes, I think I will go do something extra special for her ... what a keeper!!
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    I got a rock.

    No, seriously. My brother made me a stacked stone zen garden art piece. It's actually pretty cool! I didn't get any kind of music toy. At all.
    Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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      socks, hankies, down vest and an iTunes card
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        Carlos the webmaster for importmusic.com.ar gave me a wonderful present, although I am sure we can also thank Miguel Lops KORG product specialist who may also have played a part. I just hope they do not loose their jobs



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          My comrades and I do not celebrate Christmas, but we did share some soup, bread, and vodka.


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            Jacket, a wallet, and some socks which I'm thankful for. 0's toll on the economy and increased regulatory expenses took much of our Christmas fund this year but we've had so many great past ones it's all good...

            EDIT: after reading some of your posts I see a lot of us were in the same boat this year. Don't feel so bad anymore..
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              Quote Originally Posted by swardle
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              My comrades and I do not celebrate Christmas, but we did share some soup, bread, and vodka.

              Delighted to hear it. How is your reprogramming going?
              Anything too stupid to be spoken is sung. Pierre de Beaumarchais


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                DVD player, new yard rake, a book..more along those lines. Still, a nice Christmas!
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                  I got an itunes card which I parlayed into Cubasis. I also got iRig, but it's arriving a tad late; no biggie.
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                    EV ELX 112P

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                      ...This is the most fun I've had with my computer since I discovered internet porn.

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                          Nothing synth related this year, just some stuff for my bass: a nice padded leather strap from Long Hollow (not the magical strap I thought I was getting that makes my bass weightless, but a definite improvement from the Fender pack-in I'd been using), and a used BBE Sonic Stomp pedal (which I may be returning, because the seller didn't say it was missing the battery cover and had scratchy pots Hopefully Amazon will help out with the process).

                          Nothing spectacular, and as long as the problem with the pedal gets sorted without hassle, I'll be alright.


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                            I ordered a Boss BR-800 recorder/interface.
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                              i got some Towels!

                              on the music front... bought "loopy" for ipad and akai's iMPC app...

                              Loopy is a pretty cool music app that i'm using to sketch out ideas with my minibrute and korg electibe.

                              i'm waiting for Namm 2013 to see if any of the big 3 have the BALLS to put out an analogue synth with a real keyboard, midi and usb!
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