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Voice recovery for Korg M1


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  • Voice recovery for Korg M1

    I replaced the battery in my Korg M1 and I now have to reload the factory sounds. I downloaded the file from Korg and attempted to do a SysEx dump through my Audigy 2zs using MidiOx midi utility.
    All Global protections on the M1 are tuned off, midi filtering is enabled, and the "Midi Global" page on the M1 is set to Chanel 1 Local on.
    MidiOx appears to be transferring the data but the only voice that has been dumped correctly is the first program voice "Universe". All the other voices have the same corrupted voices as before the dump.
    I have tried all combinations of ins and outs in the MidiOx and this was the best I could do. Has anybody had experience with this particular procedure? Is there another utility you could suggest?I bought this new in '89 and this is the second battery change. I miss my old M1 !

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    In midiox:


    Increase the delay to 250 or even 500mS. This is one possiblity for such an old machine as the M1 (it can't read data very fast).
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      Thanks, I set the delay to 500ms and no change. I'm going through all my connections to make sure I've routed everything properly.I just don't understand how the one voice could transfer so perfectly and all the rest are corrupted. I also tried loading different sound banks and get no change. I'll work on this all night and if I can't fix it I'll have to start looking for the original cards.


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        In the same menu you can reduce the OUTPUT buffer size, too. Try from 256 down to 128 (or even 64).
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          The Korg Canada website DOES suggest using MidiOX for Sysex dumps with Korg products:

          M1 Factory Sounds

          I also found this detailed instruction sheet regarding M1 restoration

          Here is more stuff from Korg Canada (it may be the same as above, but I found it using a different search):

          More Stuff including Installing M1 Battery:

          Finally, if everything else fails, Voice Crystal sells the "M1 Factory Internal Sounds on ROM card" for $ 50:


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            Somewhere in my junk is the card and some Sound Source cards...

            Let me know where you are. ramkeys@comcast.net


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              I also have perfect M-1R manual


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                Wow! Thanks to all for the useful information. I have one more strange twist to this puzzle. When I found my original owners manual, I also found a brand new MPC-00P Prog/Combi Memory Card ! Stuck it in and seconds later I am NEW AGAIN! I can't remember if it came with the keyboard, or if I was sold it as some kind of "insurance". If it was I owe that guy a beer!
                I still am going to try to learn how to do the SysExe dump though as there are a lot of interesting files I have downloaded along the way.
                One thing I noticed though was that when the file was finished the M1 screen
                flashed "COMPLETED". Somebody else has mentioned this on another forum. Anybody Know if there is any indication of data being transfered when you do a SysExe dump to the M1?
                Anyway I am amazed at the quality of the responses to my post. Every one spot on!
                Thanks again


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                  Hi STEELFRAME
                  I have the same problem with my M1.
                  I also have the memory card MCP-00P but can't figure out how to reload them onto the M1.
                  How did you do this.
                  My skype is beaudeanj if this makes it easier.


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                    Hi there, basically got the exact problem as the above guys. Bought it from a guy for a great price, now im thinking i may as well of had thrown my money into the wind!

                    Im using Mac osx with sysEx Library and ive also tried MIDI-OX...Tinkered around with the speeds and delays with no joy...5 HOURS solid I've been at this now! Havent got any of the cards either, envious of the people who have!
                    Any help is huuuuugely appreciated!


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                      If you have a PC, forget MIDI-OX and download the free Angel Ortega's M1 Librarian. It worked like a charm for me when I had my M1.

                      Pretty sure it has the factory patches in there, as well as other libraries, and it lets you re-arrange your patches in any order within the librarian. You can send one patch at a time (and even audition them!) or send the whole bank. It also of course will work the other way around and save banks to the software.

                      Nifty little program written for Win 95/3.1 but should work in any version of Win.
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                        Its obvious i know, but cables have to be 1st class to enable complete transfer of data.


                        MidiOX is good, but it does need slowing down to the M1.


                        Your USB midi controller has to be a decent sort otherwise small packets may not get through, any costing under