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I need a music stand, but...

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  • I need a music stand, but...

    Two strikes: I'm older and inexperienced at playing keys, but I'm learning.

    IF you use a stand, what do u use? I have a 2 tier setup, and a big stand just gets in the way. I print my music tabs on a half-sheet vertical until I practice them enuf to learn them with the band. I also need them cause I sing backup and need the lyrics. I would like to clamp on a small flexible clipboard to the keybd frame, but I didn't see anything on the big music co's.

    what do you use, if any?
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    iPad (and forScore for software) mounted to either the kb stand using a x clip type thing. Info on my setup here http://branchonmaybe.wordpress.com/2...or-standtasic/

    I also just mount the clip on top of a mic stand sometimes if playing keytar so it's handy but not in the way.
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      I've always tried to avoid using a physical stand by finding a way to put my "charts" on my keyboard itself. My top board is a Kronos 88 (prior to that a Roland RD700SX). Both boards had space (either to the right or left of the controls that are more in the middle of the keyboard) - where I could put my music.

      These days - I'm using an iPad running a copy of OnSong that I simply affix to the open area of the keyboard using a little Velcro. The combination of the iPad/OnSong makes organizing my charts pretty easy - and the approach of simply Velcro-ing the iPad to the keyboard is unobtrustive as can be.

      Prior to using the iPad - I simply printed my charts on 5 x 8 index cards - which I bound into a little "Chart book" using 2 - 1" binder rings. The 5 x 8 cards were sturdy enough that I could "shuffle" them into setlist order before each gig. I crafted a small plastic "lip" out of a plastic Tupperware sandwich container - by cutting away everything except a piece of the bottom and one side the 90 degree angle of where the side and bottom came together to form the "lip". I cut the bottom down to that is was roughly 4" x 2.5" (with remaining side on the 4" section) - and cut down the "side" to that is stuck up roughly 3/4's of an inch. I attached the cheezy "lip" to the open space of the keyboard with a single piece of Gaffer's Tape. I'd simply set the chart book on the open space - using the 3/4" high lip of the cut down sandwich container to keep it from sliding down onto the keys. The contraption cost me all of $1.89 ... and served me well. I think I retaped it once in the 4-5 years I used it.
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        I use 5x8 index cards for the songs i dont have in the memory bank.  I can get two songs on one card due to the notation I use.   I think I have like 7 or 8 cards these days.   The vast majority of stuff i have in my memory bank.  We tend to switch key sigs on songs , so you pretty well have to know them so you can transpose em on the fly.   I have a conductors music stand If i want to use a music stand.  Typically these days I dont use it.