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Looking for recommendations for a stage piano/synth


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  • Looking for recommendations for a stage piano/synth

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a stage piano/synth and need some recommendations. I have a yamaha S90XS at home and while i love it, lugging it round for gigs and rehearsals is getting annoying. So i'm looking for something a lot lighter and possibly smaller. 

    Must have either 76 or 88 keys, pref with hammer-action (I am classically trained so prefer the feel)

    Piano sound needs to be good. Would also like a fair few other sounds (though doesn't have to be as many as my S90XS). 

    Looking to spend around $1000, maybe more if necessary. (max $1500ish)

    Most importantly must be light, pref around 10kg (no more than 15kg)

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated


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    Yamaha MOX8 will give you almost every sound from the S90XS (except one of its pianos), but is pushing the edge of your weight and budget limit. The Korg Krome 88 is slightly cheaper, and you may find its piano sounds stronger. Though if you don't need the whole gamut of sounds and functionality of these boards, to keep weight and price down, look at the Casios. The PX-350 would be a possibility... though the PX-5S being announced later this week might be the best choice.


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      I really love the minimalist dimensions of doepfer's 88key controller. Then add a small module.