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Motion Sound KBR-3D or Pro-3t/Low-Pro-Set?


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  • Motion Sound KBR-3D or Pro-3t/Low-Pro-Set?

    Hi there....looking for a little bit of advice.

    I have the opportunity to pick up either a Motion Sound KBR-3D or a Pro-3t/Low-Pro Combo.

    Currently, I've started a project where I've been playing Nord C1 with an Alesis Nanobass covering the bass, obviously; there's no electric guitars, its just an organ and drums duo, intended for small spaces and small crowds. For practices, I've been using my JBL Eon G2, which sounds really good, but maybe a little cold and shrill.

    I'm not a Leslie purist or anything, and i'm not looking for perfect leslie sound for my organ. When I was in a band, I played my organ through a Fender Twin (great sound, but bad for the bass part). But for this duo, I thought if I could find something that sounds interesting, that is a little warmer than the Eon, AND can cover bass (and minor synth) stuff, that'd be cool.

    So I found the MS Pro-3t combo at a store, and tried it out and liked it; I realize it would require a little mixer (cuz its one input). And even though the bass would go through the rotary, I could deal. I was about to pull the trigger when I discovered the existence of KBR-3D, which has its own separate channels, and can separate what goes to the rotary horn, and then send the bass to its own channel. HOWEVER, the big downside is its real heavy at like 70 pounds, and my back has been problematic lately, even at my young age.

    Anybody have experience with these amps? Thoughts or opinions?

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    I own the Pro 3T/Low Pro combo and have played the KBR 3D several times. With the KBR 3D you have an organ channel and a non organ channel where with the Pro 3T/Low Pro it is leslie only. The low pro is 55 pounds and the 3T is 27 pounds, so carrying the Low Pro around you still have 55 pounds to deal with. If you already have a keyboard amp of some kind you could just go with a 3T by itself and use the simulator out to a keyboard amp and the unit would sound something like you will get out of a KBR 3D. Since I also had a keyboard amp often times I would just use the 3T with the keyboard amp. The Low Pro/3T will sound better than the KBR but is less flexible since non-organ sounds would flow through the leslie as well. The KBR is even heavier than the Low Pro alone. So you are in a pickle with your requirements. If you have a keyboard amp or some other sound source (monitor) you could also go with a Neo Vent and it would weigh only about 5 pounds and it will sound as good as either of the other units as long as the sound source you are playing it through adequately covers the entire sound spectrum of low end drum and high end rotor. I'm also slightly confused by your comments since you say that you're not looking for perfect leslie sound for your organ yet you somehow feel the C1's leslie doesn't cut it for you (maybe because you are playing it through the JBL). Can you elaborate the issues a little better that are frustrating you and maybe rank your needs? This would help with evaluating what might be the best fit for you.
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      Thanks for the input Dave!

      Actually, I don't particularly have a problem with the leslie on the C1. When I said I'm not looking for the perfect leslie, I meant that a lot of cats think the Motion Sound stuff doesn't sound authentic, whereas I don't particularly care.

      So I guess I'm trying to balance between an interesting amp that will color the sound, that's also pretty portable.

      From my research on the KBR-3d, it seems that its wedge like shape combined with its weight make it difficult to transport. But although the Low Pro is still 55 lbs, its shape is a little easier to handle.

      So I guess my only concern is what the bass will sound like through the Low Pro...I kinda wish I could bypass the Pro-3t and route it separately to the LP.

      I'm thinking I'll do it. I can use the Pro-3t/LP set in my practice space and for recording, but I can also use just the Pro-3t with the JBL elsewhere, like you said. I have the feeling it allows for a pretty flexible situation.

      Thanks for the feedback, man.


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        My only other thought would be to try the Vent; 5 pounds, quick setup and will sound just as good (if not better) than the other two choices. The Vent's strong suits are the overdrive and the 122 cabinet simulation. This will address the "color the sound" piece you are looking for and it is cheaper than your other two choices.
        '57 Hammond B3; '69 Hammond L100P; '68 Leslie 122; Motion Sound Low Pro/Pro 3T; Neo Vent; Kurzweil PC3; GEM Even toquinox 88 Pro and 76 key; GSI Gemini; Voce V5+; EV ELX112P; '67 Howard Combo Organ; http://www.dyinbreedband.com


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          I picked up the Pro-3t/Low Pro pair yesterday, and brought it to rehearsal, where I used it with my C1.


          Wow, it sounds so incredibly good, it's unbelievable. Absolutely warms up the organ, provides a nice amount of drive, and creates lots of great harmonic content. My drummer complimented it, saying he could "hear the song." Which I interpret to mean, gave it life and clarity...even though I was really overdriving the hell out of it.

          I've heard nothing but praise about the Ventilator. I'm sure it sounds totally sweet. But I don't see how it can throw the sound all over the room like a real rotating speaker.

          Because I don't have a little mixer yet, I wasn't able to put my Nanobass through the amp, but even if I have to bring my little bass amp for it, I'm ok with that. It worth it.



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            Glad to hear it sounds good. Before I purchased my Voce V5+ I was using the hammond module within my two keyboards. So I was sending the 3T two audio inputs, one from each keyboard. I connected the two outputs from my keyboards to the one input on the 3T with one of these:


            It worked perfectly, i.e. no loss or drop in volume level having two input sources attached to the 3T. The only difference between the link above and the one I used was that the one above is a stereo adaptor. The adaptor I purchased was mono, i.e. mono 1/4" male split to two mono 1/4" females. I purchased mine at radio shack. As the Nanobass has an output level adjustment you should be able to balance the nanobass and the C1 into the 3T with the simple adaptor above which costs about $3 USD. Might be all you need rather than purchasing a mixer.
            '57 Hammond B3; '69 Hammond L100P; '68 Leslie 122; Motion Sound Low Pro/Pro 3T; Neo Vent; Kurzweil PC3; GEM Even toquinox 88 Pro and 76 key; GSI Gemini; Voce V5+; EV ELX112P; '67 Howard Combo Organ; http://www.dyinbreedband.com


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              Hi, I am selling a motion sound KBR 3D.  It is 2 years old, barely used and cosmetically perfect as well.  I am going on tour for half the year and need to sell it.  It is in great condition and the horn sounds phenomenal.

              Willing to negotiate in orice.  I'm thinking $800 (original price was $1599) That's a super great deal.


              Eric Finland