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How can I find a suitable soft-synth (seriously!?)?


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  • How can I find a suitable soft-synth (seriously!?)?

    Firstly, I'm not looking for a hip-hop, 'beat' experimental trip-pop style at all. From Absynth to StringStudio I've tried quite a few here, the best being The Korg m1, which still sounds thin and not-near matching what I'm looking for.

    In other words I'm trying to produce a metal album with dramatic, emotional, and majestic strings, brass, flutes, sfx etc.

    Looking for the sounds of a workstation like the Korg Triton or M3, but perhaps I need to spend wild amounts of money on a workstation? (shouldn't have to as whether hardware or software it's simply midi banks)

    I've compiled examples from some of my favorite 90s metal bands;

    Which synths can emulate this grandeur?

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    A good and and free, dont quite remember the name,

    Try google for 'free vst sonatica' or free orchestral vst.
    Majestic gothic brass and horns. Beautiful choirs


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      SampleTank from IK Multimedea might have what you want

      There is a free version available so you can try before you buy