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  • Yamaha S80?

    Well, I've been looking for a 61 key unit for the top of the stand for synth pads, horns and strings.  Because I'm poor, I decided that a Yamaha MM6 would do ok and was about to buy one.

    However, my local store has a Yamaha S80 for sale cheap.  because of the 88 keys, it would have to go to the bottom and replace my old Yammie P120 that I use for keys.

    I'm thinking that if the S80 keyboard is easy to split during a gig, it is a much better instrument. I don't do a lot of hardcore "piano Playing."  Mostly fills, deep background and the occasional clav solo. what I'm lacking is the pads strings and horns.


    I can't tell if the S80 is a good option in general or just because I want it.

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    I've gigged with the P120, the S80, and the MM6. I'd pass on the MM6 because it's basically a mid-grade PSR minus the speakers. I sold it to get a used S30 (61-key version of S80) and was much happier. I say get the S80 or hold out for a used Motif Classic, if you can find one.   

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      I agree. The S30/S80, although older, are more capable boards than the MM overall, so I would lean that way.

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    Hey dude!  I definitely think it's a great option man...it's hard to tell from your post, are you just gonna be using it as a controller or are you gonna use the built in sounds as well?  It doesn't really matter it's still a good choice, the only reason I ask is that if you're gonna use the sounds you may wanna look at the S90 and S90ES...more on that in a minute...


    As you can see from my sig I've got one, and absoutely LOVE it, couldn't be happier with it, I've had over the past 10 years just about every 88 weighted key controller out there and in my opinion it really is the best, it's the only board I know of (except for the more expenisve S90 and S90ES, whi9ch have all the same features, just more and better sounds bu9ilt in, but that's irrelevant if yo're just using it as a controller) that has 88 weighted keys with channel AT, a dedicated sustain pedal, a PB and MW, 2 assignable FCs (one of which youcan route through the MW so you don't have to use a hand, but like I said they can be assinged to anything), an assignable BC, and an assignble FS, plus 4 assignble sliders (which you can use to control the split zones you're looking to set up, which it does really well) and 5 assignable knobs, and if you're gonna use the built in sounds, I think they're really good (esspeically given it's age) and theyre are a ton of buttons on it that make switching sounds live really really easy.  Good luck man!

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      You could always go for a Yamaha CS6x. It's like a beefed up S30.



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    I had an S80 for several years.  It's a good board and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it, if it meets your needs.  I only got rid of it because it lacked a feature I'm used to using.  But that wouldn't be an issue for most people.