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iOS Pianos/Synths/Organs Live?


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  • iOS Pianos/Synths/Organs Live?

    Hey, now that the forum is running well I was wondering if any of yous guys are gigging a MIDI controller and iPad?

    I recently bought a "customer return" Samson Carbon 49 for $67 to mess about with - I already had the iPad. I bought the Pocket Organ C3B3 app which seems pretty good and have the free (limited) versions of iGrand (sounds good) and SampleTank (haven't used it much yet).

    I also bought the "Pro Keys" app - I haven't used that much yet either but it has all the different sounds you'd need for halfarse bar gigs and it was only 99 cents .

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    Not yet but I am planning to go this route.

    I have bought/downloaded a ton of stuff and now I have to spend some quality time to see what is going to work for me.

    You may want to check out www.iosmusician.com and specifically offerings from this list:

    List of iOS apps that can "learn" and map MIDI CC messages from controllers

    Vocal Gear: Audix OM3xb, Boss VE-20 | Synth Gear: iPad and apps | Controllers: M-Audio Axiom Pro 61, Roland AX7


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      ^ Thanks!

      I'm having a bit of an issue in that I occasonally get a "This Accessory is Not Supported by iPad" message on the iPad and the MIDI connection goes down a short while later - weird, I'd expect it to go down immediately on the error? I have to power down the iPad to get it running again. I don't know if it my cheap Chinese "camera connection" adapters or the keyboard itself or ? It might only happen when I'm running "Pro Keys' but at this point I haven't messed about enough to tell. This is the latest cable I'm using:


      I also have one of these coming, I was thinking of trying to run two keyboards, dunno if the iPad supports that or not?


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      MikeyParent wrote:

      List of iOS apps that can "learn" and map MIDI CC messages from controllers

      I just bought this one:


      I figure for 99 cents how can you go wrong?

      My controller doesn't have much in the way of controls so mapping doesn't do me much good . My original plan was to eventually get a second "bottom board" like the Samson Graphite 61 which does have lots of controls.