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  • Roland Integra 7

    Hey guys, Anybody have or know about the Roland Integra 7 that could share your thoughts ?


    I was going to get the Yamaha Motif XS Rack but I came across the Integra and said wait a minut here .......

    This thing seems just what Im looking for, I just do home audio recordings and just need sounds.. This thing has 6000 of them !! Are the Roland sounds good as or better than the Yamaha sounds ?


    Thanks for any info !

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    I have not tried the search yet but there are some old threads on the subject worth reading....



    • cresshead
      cresshead commented
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      it's pretty cool..good price and some great sounds...i'm personally waiting to see that the legacy collection is available for integra 7 as they hinted at when the jupiter80 thing surfaced...that and a proper VST/AU plugin editor