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  • Roland Alpha Juno 2

    Just got one of these in a trade (have to pick it up still... from a friend). Of course the keys are half-working. trying to decide if I wanna bring it to my synth repair guys across town and make it a decent controller. Or just have it as a big sound module proped in the corner and control it with MIDI.

    Anywho, I find that some people complain about it being noisy,... and somehow using a DI box to balance the signal can fix this?

    Anyone know the details on this?
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    no problem with noise on mine (i also own a 106). the problem people are probably complaining about is that the chorus is noisy but really that's part of why we love these things.

    i hear there's an iPad sysex recreation of the PG-300, that's something to check out if you have an iPad.


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      hope your right .. just worried because in some review they said they heard noises when using it with MIDI.

      seemed odd.
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        I'd get it restored. It's a cool little 'board.
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          Just tested it. Yeah, it's a bit noisy. In the same way my AX-60 is noisy. Doesn't bother me a bit.

          Now my only dilemma is this,.. should I bring it in to get the keys serviced? I know I should, because if I don't do it now I never will... but now I really wanna play it and and I don't wanna see it go.

          I guess the real answer is fix it myself, but I don't wanna do that. Maybe I should bring it in and have them fix the keys/velocity and I'll fix up the aftertouch later? Save time and money?

          Anyone have experience fixing these things?
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            I've had my Alpha Juno 1 since 1986 (The Juno 1 has the same sound engine as the 2, but 48 keys and no velocity).

            I still to this day think the Juno makes some of the nicest synth bass sounds and the sharpest synth leads. It's a real gem. Not the most fun to program, although a BCR2000 and/or Soundiver makes it a lot better.

            As far as repairing it goes, I've never had to repair mine, but I assume it has the standard late-80s Roland keybed. If it's just a few keys, you might be able to order replacements from Roland.

            It's a bigger problem if there is damage to the contact board. Those are a lot harder to fix or replace.
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              Just a word of warning - i broke my Juno2 when i tried to remove the keybed to clean it.

              The metal braces/holders that secure the keybed to the chassis are partially hidden under some of the circuit boards and removing them takes some patience.
              Of course it can be done - but be very very careful...
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                oh boy... I'm scared..
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                  yay, more Alpha lovers!

                  DO WANT iPad PG300, dont have an iPad. Have the PC one, PG300emu its great, wanna use it with a touchscreen anyway.


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                    I have the PC PG-300, but I can't find the iPad version. I would like to load it on my iPad.
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                    • hiero
                      hiero commented
                      Editing a comment

                      I get great sounds with mine - I layer the 'enhanced sounds set' I have installed and multi record and render out to wav... demo here:

                      Alpha Juno Enhanced Tone Set demo


                      msg me for a tone set...