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Lucina: Totally not a keytar

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  • Lucina: Totally not a keytar

    Attention fellow synth nerds:  The Roland Lucina is a "shoulder synthesizer", and not a keytar.  Please make a note of it.

    Remember, when you want the best synthesized shoulders, think Lucina!

    Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.

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    can you detune one shoulder against the other for fat shoulder bass?



    • ElectricPuppy
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      So you've got two shoulders and you detune one...  Now what?

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    guess i'll write that on the label of my lucina
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    • Mediterranean
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      Roland's official product name is "Lucina Synthesizer AX-09", and nowhere on their webpage do they use the word "shoulder" (nor "keytar" either).

      MusicianFriend think they can impress keyboard players with a new kind of synths.

      I wouldn't be surprised if Roland orders them to remove that word when they find out. I think product nomenclature has a big impact on successful/unsuccessful marketing and sales. Subconsciously, a buyer may be drawn to the word "shoulder" more than the word "synthesizer". It may or may not work sales-wise, but "synthesizer" is the keyword here.

      There may be another reason (still related to sales) why they used that word instead of the classic "keytar". Maybe "keytar" sounds toyish to people, or maybe it sounds like a mockery to "guitar". Maybe most guitarists (who, of course, are also potential synth buyers) don't like that word very much because they feel offended or something.

      Yep. Must be it. Gotcha MusicianFriend. You want to lure guitar players to buy that "shoulder synth"!

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    Id love to own a tits synthesizer. ooooohhhh


    • pogo97
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      zzzxtreme wrote:
      Id love to own a tits synthesizer. ooooohhhh

      the ultimate controller, two soft, warm orbs, each with a special control point

      the deluxe multi-touch version is pictured below:




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