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Need help deciding between two Keyboards


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  • Need help deciding between two Keyboards

    Trying to decide what kind of keyboard to buy.

    Have been looking at the Korg Krome Workstation and the Korg PA600 Arranger

    Haven't heard the Pa600 sounds yet other than the soundcloud ones however not sure if they were the styles or  composed songs.

    I know they do different things however am not familiar enough with the differences to make a good decision.

    If you could explain the differences it would be helpful.

    Will be using the keyboard live solo sometimes and also with a live band sometimes.

    Also will be recording songs with vocals.

    Will probably get a midi controller also to work with recording and music notation with Finale.

    Your input, ideas, suggestions, and comments will be greatly appreciated



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    The PA600 is an arranger board. Its geared towards live one-man-band style performing of songs, where you trigger preprogrammed sequences called "styles" that respond in real time to the chords you play. The buttons, screen, etc. are set up to best enable that sort of performance.

    The Krome is a workstation. It does not have arranger capabilities. If you want to play accompaniment off it, you'll need to sequence it beforehand.

    There will be differences between the boards as to how much editing/customization is possible.

    Either board can be used with a live band. 

    These days, there is a lot of overlap between arrangers and workstations, but the physical buttons/knobs on each are better suited for their respective primary uses.

    For a better sense of what an arranger keyboard does, check out some YouTube clips for popular arrangers like the Yamaha Tyros, Korg Pa3x, or Ketron Audya.

    You can use either of those boards as a controller for recording and Finale.


    If you gave people more information about what/how you play and what your goals are, you'd probably get more useful answers...


    • yzf125
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      I have experience with the Korg Krome 61 and can tell you it is very cheaply built, The keybed is VERY cheap and flimsy, the knobs feel very weak like they would break easily and the sounds are not that good..very thin and harsh sounding... I sent it back in the same day for a Yamaha !

      Just my experience and opinion,

    • BlueFox
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      Hi Binkeys,

      Thank you for taking the time to help.

      The keyboard will be used primarily in a contemporary worship environment  once a week with other instruments like drums, base guitar, acoustic guitar, and grand piano. During this session it will mostly need good pad sounds, easy transpositions,  good realistic sounds with warm thick pads would be great to have.

      The keyboard will be used solo (no other instruments) once a week in another worship environment.

      Then during the other days it would be used for songwriting, finale, and just having a good time making music.

      Leaning toward the arranger keyboards, but am a little concerned about the key action not being that great on keyboards less than 88 keys.

      Thanks again!



    • Synthaholic
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      Binkeys wrote:

      For a better sense of what an arranger keyboard does, check out some YouTube clips for popular arrangers like the Yamaha Tyros, Korg Pa3x, or Ketron Audya.

      Wow, I had never heard this keyboard before: