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  • Akai MPK49 pads

    I've just picked up a used MPK49 from eBay at a bargain price... however whilst waiting for delivery I've noticed some reviews criticising its drum pads, saying they're unresponsive and must be hit pretty hard...

    Can anyone here confirm that, please? I already have an XBoard 49 - which I'm planning to sell to help pay for the MPK - but wanted pads and knobs/faders for controlling Ableton Live, hence the upgrade.

    If the MPK pads aren't up to much, I'm wondering if I should have kept the XBoard and just added a Trigger Finger or PadKontrol...

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    The pads are stiff and even when set at a sensitive setting kind of suck. I know people that get along with them but IMO its much better to have your controller keyboard and a padkontrol.

    In every other regard its quite good, however. Just no automapping like novation and m audio have.


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      yeah, they say they're MPC pads, but are actually thinner and stiffer. A bit of 'wearing-in' does loosen them up but the sensitivity isn't great...I just end up using the 'full level' setting.

      other than that it's pretty much all win! Built like a tank, great keyboard action, great arpeggiator, note repeat, transport buttons etc

      let us know how you get on with it...enjoy!



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        Hmm... maybe I'll end up flipping the MPK and getting a padKontrol instead.

        Thanks for the answers.

        *waiting for the big brown truck*


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          its totally subjective. try it for yourself... I have owned the trigger finger and the akai mpd 24 and have demod the korg pads in store, but I personally prefer the akai. but its all a matter of taste really.
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            Gah... the MPK arrived today, and it's GREAT - apart from the drum pads. Even with full level on, and pad threshold set to the minimum, you have to really mash the pads. You can't *tap* on them, they need a firm depression to register.

            I'm a little disappointed; I'll use it for a few days then decide if I'm going to flip it.


            • Kaanfucius
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              I just ordered the MPK49 and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow, but these comments on the drumpads are scaring me as well. Some people say that they are complete crap and barely respond at all, and some people say that they eventually wear in, what was the case for you? Should I return it? Do you have any ideas for other options? This is also my first Keyboard purchase. HELP ME

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            Yea thats exactly what I thought when I used it.


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              I think I'm gonna try the fix detailed here:

              ... but am a little concerned about dismantling the MPK!


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                I'm having trouble with the beat repeat function on my new Akai MPK49; it seems to be playing the hits off-beat, somehow.

                When I use the Time Division button and select a straight time division (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc) I get a shuffle feel (like a heartbeat), but when I select a triplet time division I get straight notes.

                Can anyone help, please?


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                  NM, found the Swing parameter.


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                    Good luck with your project! If you're successful, I may pick up a used MPK-49 myself!