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Alicia Keys @ Super Bowl - Love it or List it?


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  • Alicia Keys @ Super Bowl - Love it or List it?

    If nothing else, that rendition of Star Spangled Banner had to leave some listeners wondering if we have adopted a new national anthem! I liked it though thought some of those chord changes were a bit dissonant, sounded like something I might experiment with at home but maybe a little too indulgent for the big venue.

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    List it.Way off musically and Slow,Slow tempo.Grilled out and ate while she was full of herself performing.Wondering if we would ever get to the game.Half time show sucked too.JD


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      I though it was a bit too slow. But I liked the chords she used. And I thought the half time show was great. Beyonce is a great singer.

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        Love it. The jazzed-up version she did was great, especially for such a jazzy town as "Nawlins"

        I thought it did last a little to long though...and the ending was strange to say the least. 

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          Love it!! She was perfect. Elegant, beautiful and talented. She made the national anthem her own in a way noone has since Jimmi Hendrix. All of her dissonant chords and vocal flourishes were a perfect example of who Alicia Keys is as an artist.  It was real and captivating. Can't ask for much more than that. 


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            Cool version-the only dissonant chord was the one she hit by accident very briefly close to the end of her perfomance. The rest was proper jazz voicings. Loved it. And definetly sung and played live!


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          Love it or not?  I can't say.  I didn't see it.  I was out in the back forty playing tug rope with my dog.

          Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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            ElectricPuppy wrote:

            Love it or not?  I can't say.  I didn't see it.  I was out in the back forty playing tug rope with my dog.


            I liked it but I also thought some of the chords were a bit off.   I applaud her bravery though.  

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          I liked it. Her piano changes were a good change of pace.
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            One thumb up.


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              I thought she did a decent job on the piece.  I liked that she didn't try to fit every note in her vocal range in every phrase like so many of today's diva singers seem to do.  In that regard, I thought it was a reasonably tasteful rendition. 

              I also like the "jazz chords" approach to the piano accompaniment - different, tasteful, not the least bit overbearing. 

              My only criticism is that I thought it needed to be a little brighter in terms of tempo.  Put simply, to my ears - it seemed to drag a little too much.

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              • A Happy Crowd
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                I turned on the game sometime between the anthem and kickoff so I didn't listen to her rendition until just now.

                I thought the jazz chords were interesting, but she dragged it on for too long. It's a spritely anthem, not a somber hymn. A few years ago, I read the following article by a sportswriter who became obsessed with timing every Star Spangled Banner he's heard. I haven't been able to listen to sporting event anthems the same way since.