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Looking For A Midi Contoroller For About 150$ With Good Velocity

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  • Looking For A Midi Contoroller For About 150$ With Good Velocity

    Hi all.

    I use my keyboard mainly for sounds of piano/strings and stuff like that,
    so I need one that'll have:
    1) Good velocity-range
    2) At least 5 but preferebaly more octaves
    3) Decent touch, so I don't feel like i'm playing on toy

    In this order of priorities.
    I want to spend 100-200$ tops, but I would like to stay around 150$.
    I saw some m-audio, alesis and avid options,
    but I wanna know which of them is reliable and actually has good velocity range

    Thanks in advance for the help. 8)

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    Samson Graphite 49 might meet your requirements.

    The Carbon 61 keys feel cheaper to me, but I am actually thinking about buying a Carbon 61 because of the Ipad slot. And the price tag.

    If I can find a decent piano and organ Ipad/Iphone app, it might make a good keyboard to leave in my truck just in case I stumble upon a jam I want to play at. I've missed a few because I didn't want to drive 30 miles to fetch my gear...and I need something to also fill that "synth hole" in my stage rig, I could use a sawtooth patch with portamento for the odd tune....but I don't want to spend more than a couple of hundred bucks to fill it.
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    • zoobooboozoo
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      Editing a comment

      I heard that although m-audio keys in general are awful, the 88es(which is in the price range) is quite good and have decent velocity response and feel, as well as being pretty reliable...

      Thoughts anyone?