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  • Control Blade

    I'm a big fan of integration, and I'm all for the elimination of cable clutter in the studio, but come on now -- this thing is just silly:

    "Thing" is the operative term here. It looks like something someone cobbled together in their garage. I'm not typically one to bash gear, as I believe that good use can be made of anything that generates any sort of tone, but something about this particular item is striking me as one of the most hideous and unnecessary frankensteins ever released.

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    I don't understand why someone hasn't made something like a normal keyboard workstation the size of a normal keyboard! and simply added a monitor out and USB jacks.

    Roland makes those V studios the size of a 909, why can't someone do it with a keyboard and not make it look like something that was hacked together in a garage?

    I guess for it not to be, it's going to need to come from someone like korg or roland or yamaha and not someone that's sticking off the shelf components into a box..
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      Looks pretty decent to me: http://www.musiccomputing.com/studioblade


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        neo-brutalism at its most functional

        I wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole, too ugly. But controllers, for the most part, ARE ugly, I believe. They suffer from a lack of curves, too many disparate controls, and too many layout choices. I'm watching the "plug an ipad into a keyboard" thing; that could be super functional and visually stunning. Just not yet.
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          It's the same as the OpenLabs Neko concept, except with a server motherboard and possibly more powerful processors...and much cheaper it seems.


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            That's because it is the same people as OpenLabs - they lost OpenLabs and started this venture. No thanks.
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              At least they took out the integrated qwerty keyboard this time, and made the screen tiltable. The 88-key looks sort of like the love child of an Oasys and Fusion The pricing is interesting, smack in the middle of Kronos/XF territory. It could be a viable alternative to the Kronos in particular.


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                The keybeds on the MusicComputing StudioBlade series are M-Audio Keystation 61es/88es, inexpensive keybeds:
                http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=products.family&ID=USBkeyboardcontrol lers

                Given the looks of the keys on the new ControlBlade, I suspect the keybeds are M-Audio Axiom 25 and Axiom 61.
                Here is the ControlBlade photo:

                Here is a photo of the M-Audio Axiom 61:

                Both OpenLabs and MusicComputing products seem catered for non-keyboardists -- producers, DJs.

                As a keyboardist, I want the better, higher quality keybeds you find in pro keyboards from Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Kurzweil, etc.


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                  Look how uneven the natural keys are in the 61 image above. BWAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

                  Moe---It puts the SINES in the basket, or else it gets the hose again.http://www.hotrodmotm.com


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                    Okay, so it's ugly and the keybed isn't great. It seems like good bang for the buck. A strong i7 quadcore-based system with 8 gigs RAM, DVD burner, wi-fi, Windows 7, 61 note keyboard, preloaded with full version Studio One Pro DAW and around 5,000 preloaded sounds, plus the capacity to sample and run samples in the gigabytes of resolution as opposed to mere megabytes other workstations feature. All for around the price of a 88-key workstation. In addition, you can run video editing software, 3D animation programs, CAD programs, etc. What's wrong with that? Yeah, OpenLabs failed, but then, who could afford them? This is affordable. I'd like to audition one.


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                      i would never buy anything from any venture involving victor wong, the openlabs guy. seems a little sketchy.

                      the short tiny one seems especially ugly and useless.



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                        Nice job! Please elaborate.


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                        ha ha, this one was made in garage, but i like it....

                        I agree with Plink Floyd!, please elaborate, and post a better pic.!


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                          it's based on an x-station
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                            I actually like the Control Blade concept quite a bit.

                            If they sold one with a better keybed, Core i7, 2TB HD, 8GB RAM, and touch screen for 2 grand I'd get one.
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