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Korg T2ex floppy data error message

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  • Korg T2ex floppy data error message

    Hi all

     i get this message after i try to load,save or format a disk over the Korg T2ex that i got a few days back,the floppy seems to work this message happens at the end of each process.

       Heard that there is an issue with the type of the disks - no HD allowed - any ideas ?

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    The floppy has to be high density, double sided.

    Usually whenever I get the data error message the floppy is corrupted.
    The problem always seems to occur with loading PCM files into the RAM, probably because these files take up most of the space on the floppy.
    In trying to salvage whatever is on the floppy I load the different sections separately: first the program/combi data, then the sequencer data, and lastly I try loading each PCM file individually.

    However, if you get a data error message when you try to format a floppy there may be something wrong with the floppy drive.


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      Thanks for taking the time to reply,need to get some Hd/dd Floppies and see what happens.
      Up to this point i have used normal 1.44 Hd and 720 dd but used on Atari/Amiga computers with no luck.