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Mopho X4 or Prophet 08 PE

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  • Mopho X4 or Prophet 08 PE

    Would you rather buy a Mopho X4 for $1,000 or a Prophet 08 PE for $1500, and why?
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    Personally. Three reasons I would rather have Mopho x4:

    1. Takes less space.

    2. Sub-Oscillators (makes it easier to beef up the low end without using bitrimbrality)

    3. Price

    4. 4 Voices is enough (and not that much worse, since the use of bitimbrality reduce to 4 voice when layering on the P8)

    I used to have P8 and if I would want a new DSI, it would be x4 or P12 (worthmaking space for)



    • Casio Man
      Casio Man commented
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      P08 for me(actually its P12 for me, but its another matter).

      -Bitimbrality does what suboscan't