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January New Gear Thread!


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  • January New Gear Thread!

    Someone had to do it.

    Had some money set aside to finish out the row of Eurorack I've started, or possibly put into an Analog Four... and suddenly needed a new portable, so I ended up with an iPad 4.

    Doesn't feel like a setback - far from it. Currently enjoying the DM-1, Werkbench, MS-20 and Polysix apps. DM-1 in particular is loads of fun... I really need to start sticking some of my own kits in there. Thinking about trying Magellan and Samplr soon, once I'm more familiar with the current crop of stuff. Didn't realize how much I miss isolating myself with one piece of gear and a set of headphones.
    octatrack + monomachine mkII + live 8 + samples = crap.
    also starring: Fender Strat / P-Bass, 828mkII, ADAM A7s, Vox VT30, TC Electronics RH750, some effect pedals, Venture Bros. DVDs

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    15" Macbook Pro w/ Retina display

    512GB SSD drive, 16GB of RAM, external optical drive

    Kept my last Macbook Pro for six years, and ended up selling it to my singer so she could track rough vocals. Unfortunately, there's no way to upgrade the SSD or RAM so I had to upgrade it right away to future-proof the thing for another six years. This thing is light, and the SSD is fast as hell. The only problem is my other computers now look terrible next to the Retina display.


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      A little late - got an iPad after Xmas and since thenI have dropped a pile of cash on apps, but I am having fun!






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    I also bought iRig. Although I don't completely recommend iRig, it does a good enough job for a mere $40 dollars as long as you're careful to avoid too much (or any) crosstalk.
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      New Addition to the family -

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          Studio One 3, Ableton Live 9, a StudioLive 16.0.2, HS 80M monitors, 2 ATH M50 headphones, Synths both hardware and software, and a DJ rig using turntables.


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            bogner alchemist 112


            Managed to sell my m1 and hifi set to get thism trying to sell tr rack and my two other amps to get another one

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          $85? Score!