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In market for a new 400-500$ keyboard.


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  • In market for a new 400-500$ keyboard.

    Hi all, I changed my mind about some features and the price of the keyboard I want:
    Ineed the keyboard mostly for playing piano, as a midi controller to a quality piano VST,
    I also need it as midi controller for bass, strings, maybe some occasional electronic sounds.
    I was thinking going for a digital pinao but just wondered if there's any model that will also have pitch/modulation
    and an midi channel button.

    1)88keys(or something close)
    2)Piano-like feel

    Would like to have:
    1)Pitch bend, modulation, and changing a midi channel controls
    I do not need any additional controls

    Don't mind sparing:
    1) Pretty much everything else, including quality of built in - sounds
    2) Weight, it's for home use, so id doesn't need be light.
    3) as I said - any kind of control that is not pitch/modulation or a button for chaning midd channels.

    Price: 400-500$

    (new) PC:CPU: i5 3470PSU: Dunno YetM-Board: Gigabyte H77RAM: 2X4GB DDR 3 1600Graphics: Intel Graphics HD 2500Hard Drives: Western Digital: 1TB Black(WD1002FAEX), 500GB Green(WD5000AACS), 160GB(WD1600ADFD)OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BitAudio Hardware:External Audio Interface: PreSonus FireBoxAmplifier: InterM PA-2000aMics: Shure SM57 & KSM27

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    You might find a Korg N1 in that price range. It's a 15 year old keyboard, but it's probably what you will be able to get with the features you want, for under 500 dollars.

    Alesis QS8 might be another option.

    Having said that, I got my Alesis Fusion 8HD for 450 dollars... but usually they are not that cheap. If you keep looking you might find something cheap and good...