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For sale: Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano (Brooklyn) with case


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  • For sale: Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano (Brooklyn) with case

    I am seling a pretty awesome Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano. I purchased it new in 1996 for about $1400, used it off and on until 2001, when I put it in storage, sealed, in my parents house. It has not been touched since. 

     The QuadraSynth Plus Piano is a greatly improved version of the original QuadraSynth New keys, more ROM (24MB), more banks (5) more sounds (640) and mixes (500), General MIDI , as well as 8MB Stereo Grand piano, and software to load your own custom samples to PCMCIA Flash RAM cards, etc. make this synth a hard to beat value. So they say. 76 keys.  

    I'm including a custom hard/soft case (it's a hard case wrapped in soft material) 

    YOU NAME THE PRICE. I'm not shipping it, it's pretty heavy, it's available for pickup but I can bring it to Manhattan. It's a great performance keyboard, has thousands of sounds, original manual. It's selling without the case for $400 on ebay, for reference. 


    Let me know!


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