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  • OT: The Epic Laptop Quest

    As tempting as it is to start the PC vs Mac battle, I won't. I would actually like to get somewhere in this thread.

    So first off, Hi everyone ! I'm Elfo. A trilingual travelling musician, producer, DJ, street dancer/performer. I am producing with my Sony Vaio laptop at the moment. I use the Korg Kronos 61 key as well. My Daw is Cubase 5 soon to be 7.
    I produce mostly electronic styles of music: Hiphop/Trance/Dance/House/Dubstep/Triphop/Glitchhop/Chill/Electronica/NewAge/Techno/Ambiental/World/Irish/Fusion/Gypsy/Flamenco/Salsa/Capoeira/Breakbeats/Funk/Reggaeton/Latin/
    Also, I do my own videos = Sony Vegas Pro, and graphics = Photoshop CS6/Illustrator/Indesign/Bridge.

    I need a new notebook. Its just time. I'm sick of how slow and crappy mine is. So, now comes the decade long search for which book I want...or better, which book I need.
    I would be willing to give Mac a shot. Yet everything I read says that PC has caught up in their design and quality so that Macs are now, officially (while totally not being official but more general opinion), over priced. And because my partners use PC, for compatibility, I'd prefer a PC. Unless a strong opinion otherwise and I would appreciate it if you would voice such.
    So I go through the basic models, HP Envy, Sony Vaio...etc. I can get one, spec'd out for around $1000. But are those really the best?
    I saw an article on this site about PCAudioLabs and how amazing their notebooks are. When I looked at them their base price is $1599 and not as spec'd out, at least to my novice eye, like 1TR HD and 16gb Memory, i7Quad Core...etc. 
    So can anyone help me understand what it is I need to have a top performing music laptop? IS PC Audio Labs the best(<--And I understand that there really is no 'best' but just in you alls opinion)? 
    Thanks a ton for any and all help!

    - Music is my weapon

    I am a Mercenary And Music Is My Weapon.

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    MacBook Pro.

    Spec to taste.

    -----------------Mike PensiniPiano/Keyboard/Producer/Musical Director/Writertwitter.com/mikepensini | facebook.com/mikepensinimusic | youtube.com/groovatious


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      I never said I was a millionaire.

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    I own 3 lenovos, they are great, zero problems. I'm a fan. Asus for me is problematic. HP? battery and heat problems

    Reliable Dells are Latitude models.

    personally, i'd max out a lenovo. SSD will help startup and loading time. if you're willing to spend more to try a mac pro, u CAN install windows as your second OS , so best of both worlds. and one advantage of Mac with thunderbolt is the ability to connect the latest Universal Audio hardware audio processor , or whatever u call it. so your mac can be used for a long long long time

    I'm saying that as a non-mac fan


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      Cubase runs much better on Windows. As much as I prefer Macs, you should stay with Windows. Good luck.

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    Personally, I like PCs better than Mac because you have more options regarding hardware.

    And I prefer linux over Windows because: 

    several audio-production-based Operating Systems to choose from, no anti-virus needed, low CPU/RAM usage (4GB of RAM is overkill in most cases), you install ONLY what you need, remove what you don't need, it's free, it has low-latency kernels dedicated to audio production...  Everything is configurable the way you want it to be.



    Linux: your pc, YOUR way.