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Will we ever see a Roland SH-2 re-issue?

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  • Will we ever see a Roland SH-2 re-issue?

    It makes me really happy to see the Korg MS-20 re-issue.  I hope to see a Roland SH-2 re-issue, or maybe a TR-808 re-issue.  Anybody else interested in seeing these old analog synths?

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    lot's of people would like to see these re-issued...but Roland is a forward looking company not backward looking...and also re-manurfacring a sh02 or a tr808 may not be feasable in 2013 unlike the ms20 mini...different chips that may not be available or the final price might be too high.

    i hope Roland bring something out...but i somehow doubt it will be anytime soon.
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      Well, I don't know if I agree with them being a forward-looking company.  My grandma plays their V-accordion.

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    with the MS-20, Korg likes to take chances and they tested the market with the Monotribe and Monotron. And I think the MS-10/20 filters are really easy to replicate, so there were lots of 3rd party clones of them before the Monotron. But people have also done Roland clones so idk.

    I would be not surprised - and a bit happy to see Roland jump back on the analog bandwagon provided they made something decent. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate.

    Personally I want an SH-101 first. Sonically, it's easy to replicate even in software. But the form factor and feature set is near perfect for what it is and Roland can make them in colors and with keytar parts. And the prices on old ones are getting silly.



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      I would totally buy an SH-101.  It's not my favorite of the Rolands, but its a pretty awesome little instrument.