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Comparing Prophet 12 to other High end synthesizers

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  • Comparing Prophet 12 to other High end synthesizers

    I saw the other thread down the page, I thought maybe we could put something more focused in regards to how the Prophet 12 will compare to other premium offerings from other brands.


    I realize it is not out yet, but what exactly should we expect from the Prophet 12 vs something like the Virus TI2?


    I'm nearing the end of the life-cycle for my main synth and will need a replacement soon. I was going to get the Virus TI2 but then saw the Prophet 12 at NAMM. Some of the past complaints about the Prophet 8 were the limited filters and the limited voicings, at least when compared to the TI2.

    Will the additional features added in 12 be able to adequately address those issues?

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    It feels strange to compare the TI2 and the P12. It simply depends on what you need.

    If you do not need the multitimbrality and voice count of the Virus, then you still can compare them.

    Then it comes down to how you like the sound. My opinion is that both synths complement eachother quite well. They sound very different, I'm sure of that. 


    I would like to add that I was suprised about Access not representing us with a new Virus line at NAMM.

    Though, we do still have Frankfurt Messe. You should probably wait and see.

    Edit: Clavia hinted about a New Synth at NAMM show, and it might be revealed at Frankfurt Messe this year. I'm looking forward to that.

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      re:Edit: Clavia hinted about a New Synth at NAMM show, and it might be revealed at Frankfurt Messe this year. I'm looking forward to that.


      let's say you're Clavia...there's a huge buzz around a competitor's new synth....your company has nothing to compare that's new...so your potential customers are musing on putting down a deposit or pre ordering a prophet 12.....how to make them pause for thought???


      oh..... let drop a 'hint' that we'll have a new synth in april.


      just sayin!

      i've seen this tactic so many times with software/hardware that i just don't bite....show me or shut up is my motto.