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    I agree with nearly everything you've written here. I had an original Motif 6 for many years and literally played the keys off of it. It sounded great, but was heavy for an older guy like me to lug around.

    When the XS and XF models came out, they were expensive and out of my price range. I found a great price on a brand new Korg M3 61 and made that the centerpiece of my rig. While there were many things I liked about the M3, I missed the Motif sounds. When the MOX6 came out I bought one of those and sold the M3.

    The MX instruments are incredible values for the money. I don't use the workstation features of the MOX, so at this point I wish I'd bought an MX61 for $799 instead of an MOX6 for $1199, but of course I had no idea the MX was going to exist.

    There are aspects of the XF6 that I wish I had, such as the significantly better keyboard action and large color screen. But given that the XF is 2x the price of the MOX and 3x the price of the MX, I think I'll pass for now. I have a Yamaha CP33 88-key stage piano that I use to play the MOX most of the time anyway.

    All this being said, I've recently been playing a Jupiter-50 at a local GC, and am beginning to really want one. Really. Initially I dismissed the new Jupiters because they aren't 16-part multi-timbral sequencing instruments and I couldn't immediately figure out how to use them. But indeed, the sounds are exquisite, and I love the 76-key semi-weighted action on the Jupiter 50.

    But I doubt I'll ever be without some kind of Motif instrument.
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