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Gig-bag advice for the Korg SV1 73


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  • Gig-bag advice for the Korg SV1 73

    Hey guys!

    I'm a conservatory piano student here in Netherlands and I recently bought the korg sv1 73 keys (1143mm x 347mm x 155mm / 45.0"

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    What did you wind up finding?  I'm in a nearly exact situation!  I don't think 40-50 lbs would be too much to backpack around for short(ish) distances. 


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      It might be interesting trying to fit a gig bag to a rucksack A-frame. If you can do it, it should help you carry the load a lot more effeciently. Remember that the higher you carry the load, the more work you are doing with your skeleton and the less you are relying on your muscles. The hip belt also makes a big difference.

      Another idea that might work is a trailer..