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  • Soldering

    I've soldered everything from batteries to ICs and repaired traces on PCBs, but I've never seen anyone drop in a 96 leg IC with such ease.  



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    1 hour ago I just finished soldering the wires on an iron and a hair dryer.  Does that count?

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    • AstroZon
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      Toasters, Hair Dryers, it's all just a matter of scale.   

      I remember de-soldering a Juno 106 voice board once.  It has those solder-through-hole ICs, and they're really a pain to get out without melting everthing around them. 

      I just soldered up a guitar yesterday - swapped pickups, pots, and caps.  Took about 2 hours start to finish.  I want something grundgy sounding for a Shoegaze project I'm working on.          

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    Wow, that guy's pretty quick. The only way I've tried to solder QFPs is with solder paste and a toaster oven.
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      He completely fluxxed that one up! " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />


      And what's soddering, I though we were soldering? .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />