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Pics from Deadmau5' Studio (MODULAR MADNESS)


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  • Pics from Deadmau5' Studio (MODULAR MADNESS)

    Holy hell.

    Click "Next" for more.

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    Is this what they mean by ''In The Box'' ;-)


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      saw this on muffs, definitely a ot of gear! that modcan A rig is staggeringly large, ive only seen a few systems that large.

      i was actually watching a deadmau5 live vid movie on netflix not long ago and picked out the buchla pretty easily from the sonic spectrum. believe he had one on stage.

      i cant imagine the frustration of owning two 250e's and doing modern 4 on the floor dance music.



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        My first reaction was: Wait, isn't that the guy who said "All I do is press Play when I play live"? That's a lot of nice hardware just for pressing play.


        But he does take pride in his studio work - I guess all that Buchla stuff does get played in the studio.


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          yawn..modulars dont turn me on. hes got too much money and too much time on his hands.


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            I think that he payed someone to set up a studio. I want to hear him do something with it. I think he is climbing the learning curve which is perfectly okay with me, but I would have started out small and grown into a larger system a couple of modules at a time.

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              Looks like he went "rich boy" nuts! I think he should have just gotten Reaktor.
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                That's an awful lot of lights


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                  I needs me a cellar/basement!
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                      i'll stick with a van and some chloroform
                      Originally Posted by Metrosonus

                      working in a library I wish women would just come right out and say "where do you keep your soft core / torture porn at?"

                      Originally Posted by swardle

                      Well, I've never seen such filth in my entire life. Disgustation!!!

                      That's called pain. Get used to it.


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                        Looks like he went "rich boy" nuts! I think he should have just gotten Reaktor.

                        thats my thoughts... and also why I can't get excited about "look at this MASSIVE setup" posts..

                        I just think it's stupid to give someone credit for just buying something when people with on average two keyboards, have more music out there than people with these monster setups.

                        i mean, my friends? sure pat the little guy on the back for being excited about something new.

                        rich people I don't know? no .. Im not jealous. I just don't know you and I don't care.
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                          Where the hell are the patch cords???


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                            The place is still being built.


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                              looks awesome!
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