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Yamaha V50 problem. NO SOUND!?


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  • Yamaha V50 problem. NO SOUND!?

    Hi All,

    I have a Yamaha V50 which I`ve used on dozens of recordings -- but not lately. Having now returned to it I can`t get a sound out of the damn thing!

    Anyone out there who knows this beast? The instruction manual was clearly written by a sadist.

    When I press `performance` it lists only internal sounds. And they don`t make a peep. Could I have fiddled just a bit too much and deleted all the performance sounds?

    Any help would be very much appreciated. I`m tearing my hair out...



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    Does it say patch name when you switch sounds? If it does, you didn't delete anything. I'd say you messed with some global setting (see MIDI receive channel, or Local control (has to be ON)), or check your cabling and mixer volume levels, if it's connected to one. Anything can go wrong, you have to check everything!
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      Could I have fiddled just a bit too much and deleted all the performance sounds?

      If that was the case, they'd probably not have their original names anymore.

      Any help would be very much appreciated. I`m tearing my hair out...

      Check MIDI Local like evildragon says; if it turns out the sound source is on the fritz but the keyboard still works, you could pick up a Yamaha TX81z - it's a smaller package with only 8 voices but has all the FM sounds the V50 has.
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        Battery ?
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          better try a hardware reset and if this doesnt work you can move things on from there...

          V50 Factory Reset procedure

          WARNING: All user stored data will be deleted. If the current settings and data are not expendable, create a backup before executing the Factory Reset. Internal Voice, Internal Performance, Setup, Sequencer Data (All Songs, and Setup), Rhythm Machine Data (Pattern, Song, and Setup) will be deleted.

          ?1) Turn on the power. TIP: All buttons must remain depressed and be pressed in the order mentioned in step #2 for proper execution.

          2) Press and hold down the [SEQ] button, then the [CARD] button (located next to the Demo button), and then the [DEMO] button.

          3) Continue to hold the buttons down until the dialog box appears in the display. The display will first indicate the V50 Test Program and Main Rom Version then will automatically display the question: 'Test Entry Manual?'

          4) Press the [DEMO] button. The screen will display: 'Factory Set?'

          5) Press the [+1/YES] button. 'OK' will appear beneath the 'Factory Set?' readout, indicating completion of the Factory Reset, and the V50 will automatically return to Play Mode.
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            I just bought a used Yamaha V50 today and had the same issue. I fixed it by matching the MIDI receive and transmit channels. The Performance patches then made sound. This info was found under "troubleshooting" on P.122 of the manual. I know this thread is old, but I thought I would mention a solution that worked for me with the same or similar issue stated in the first post.

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              Quiza te ayude este foro
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              read manual no sound,


              maybe this solution problem here, sorry my bad english, but, GCHROME translate me,   good luck,