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looking for a keyboard sampler


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  • looking for a keyboard sampler

    I'm looking for a keyboard that can store samples for live use. Not so interested in the perfect piano, or in rhythmic looping, but I do need to be able to map sounds across the keyboard with splits. And I need to be able to

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    An ipad/ipod touch with Bs16i will do this. The Bs16i app is a soundfont player, and you can use the free program "vienna" to build soundfonts. I've used Bs16i quite a bit live on my ipad2, basically as a sampler/player. I have a couple of 200MB soundfonts that I use quite a bit, the whole thing loads up ready to play in about 5 seconds. Unless you're willing to play the keys on the ipad screen you'd need a controller and a MIDI interface, both of which are pretty inexpensive.

    Or, you might consider a used Roland Fantom XR. It has a CF card slot, and you can upgrade it to 512MB RAM very cheaply. Again, you'd need a controller.


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      Another possibility is the Waldorf Blofeld, available in a well priced module version if you have a keyboard to drive it. Full synth functionality on your own loadable samples, it sounds like it could be an ideal choice.


      The Fantom XR is a nice piece, but slow to load samples, no easy real time access to filters and such, and just a bit hard to use in general. But if you needed full "rompler" capabilities as well as sample playback and synth functionality, it can cover it.

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    You need an Alesis Fusion. . . the 8 or 6. . . you can sometimes find them on Ebay for < $600. 

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      new order's stephen morris uses a korg microsampler for his sample based synth playing live for specific effects as well as various sampled synth patches as seen on 2012 youtube videos

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        I picked up a Roland Fantom XA for $500 recently, it has expandable memory (I had an extra 256mb chip laying around that popped right in). I haven't messed with it too much but it can map samples to keys or to the keypads.