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Roland is Back!

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  • Roland is Back!

    Video posted yesterday (3/19/13).  Let the speculation begin.


    Jupiter-50, MOX6, TI Polar, Moog LP, Korg Micro X, JV-1080
    27" iMac, DP 7.24, Omnisphere, Alchemy, many more...

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    Where did they go? Unless this refers to something analog, then, yes, they are back. Otherwise, laughable marketing.


    • donaldcrunk
      donaldcrunk commented
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      what the heck is that thing sticking out of the keyboard at 5 seconds in? it looks like an IFF strobe light, maybe so circling drones can identify you as friend or foe. 


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    keybdwizrd wrote:

    Video posted yesterday (3/19/13).  Let the speculation begin.



    New workstation based on 1990s technology - CONFIRMED!


    Just listen to that demo tune. Making me chuckle out loud here.


    • wwwjd
      wwwjd commented
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      uh.. yeah... they acknowledged that they failed, I guess?  Kinda sad.    Weeee  yet another new, same old rompler.    Welcome.... back to mediocrity??

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    It's their answer to the Kring Kog - which I can't recall it asking anything.

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      Color me, "underwhelmed".

      Also, odd choice of slogan.  "We are back", implies that they're aware of their current reputation.

      Also-also: Light-on-a-stick??  wtf.


      "BUT WAIT-! Don't order now!  For a limited time, you also get Light-On-A-Stick!  Blind yourself while you play!  Just like Stevie and Ray!  NOW how much would you pay??"

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      • wwwjd
        wwwjd commented
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        doesn't the video just show their VR-09 whatever thingy?