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In search of a keyboard

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  • In search of a keyboard

    I'm singing for a cover band, and we do a few covers that have piano/synth parts. I used to play a little when I was younger, so I'm trying to just learn the parts for the songs we play.. and I need something sort of inexpensive that will sound decent for this until I can afford something better. I know nothing about keyboards, and more about guitar amps.. help!

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    Korg Krome should have you covered if you want new.

    If you want used, there's a ton of options... it all depends on your budget.
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    • azmyth
      azmyth commented
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      Silly question, I have a bass rig I'm thinking of selling.. a behringer 180w head, and a 15" speaker cab..


      would it be better to run my keys through the PA and just sell this rig, or would it be helpful to keep the rig?

    • AnotherScott
      AnotherScott commented
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      Yamaha MX49 would be a lot cheaper than a Krome for a good starter keyboard. Or, for something "synthier," maybe a Casio XW-P1.

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    An actual budget would help.  "Sort of inexpensive" may mean something quite different to you than most regulars here.

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      Cocerning your amp question, I would use the bass rig to power the keys on-stage. Too many risks and variables when it comes to relying on a PA monitor system in my opinion.
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      • walkerci
        walkerci commented
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        In general, I'd tend to agree.

        I'm getting very good results with a JBL PRX612 as a keyboard monitor and its loud enough to carry the house in a small bar with moderately loud band.   Caveat - using piano, organ, strings voices.  For bass heavy stuff, I'd be using one of my bass rigs to monitor and subs on the FOH too.

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      I use my randall ss guitar amp as keyboard amp. Works well!
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