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Korg Microstation: how to use it to change programs on other synth (module)


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  • Korg Microstation: how to use it to change programs on other synth (module)

    Does anyone know how to use the korg microstation to change the programs/combos on a korg module (x5dr or something like that). I know I need to have a patch on the ms that will send a cc# and prgm# but can't figure out how to do that. maybe not possible?


    if successful, then I want to purchase a korg triton rack (or similar quality module) to have some better patches for gigs I fly away to (so as to not rely on keyboard supplied there)

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    Eh, the MicroStation is a Triton!

    Every time you change programs or combis on the M.S. it can transmit the msg over MIDI.

    My VCAs go to 11


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      A Microstation doesn't have the Triton sound set (HI), it's more of a scaled-down M50 sound set (EDS variation). But which sounds better would be a matter of opinion.

      Anyway, back to the OP, besides (as MF said) just having the Microstation send out like-numbered Program Changes automatically when you change its own programs (a function you can turn on or off), you can actually program the Microstation to call up whatever specific external patches you want, by creating a Timbre in a Combi that sends the desired Program Change (and possibly MSB and LSB if the receiving device has more than 128 patches in it). The other thing you have to do is specify the MIDI channel you want to send the Program Change to. There's more stuff you can set optionally, but that's all you need for simply selecting an external patch. (No CC command is needed here.) I haven't done this on a Microstation, but have done it on the similarly structured M50. You just need to assign a timbre to External rather than Internal sound, using the EXT (or EX2) option. The part that is tricky (because it's not explained in the manual) is that you select the exact Program you want to send to the EXT device by selecting the identically numbered Internal program (or possibly that number altered by one, if the Microstation and your external device are not identical in whether they number their patches as 1 through 128 vs. 0 through 127). Use EX2 if the external module is a multi-bank device requiring MSB and LSB to specify which bank of 128 sounds the desired patch is located in. I think you need to use the Microstation's editor (on your computer) in order to enter the MSB/LSB data, though.