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Full TX816 on eBay


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  • Full TX816 on eBay


    I suppose it's legit, but I can't be 100% sure.  Still, a BIN of $550 seems like a deal to me - $590 with shipping.

    I've always wanted one, but just can't afford it right now.   I have a TX802, but I've heard the 816 with all 8 TF1 modules is massive sounding.    

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    8 DX-7s in one box.


    I need to get another FM synth. I used to have a DX7 and a DX100, loved them both. These days I play mostly Hammond, which is, well, a very unsophisticated FM synth.
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      From my point of view, TX816 looks very impressive on paper but, I can imagine, in practice, there are too many issues spoiling the fun. For example, noise floor when summing all the separate modules and no programming interface. FM isn't the most immediate synthesis method out there but this is just plain inconvenient. I am a big fan of FM myself but not of the 816. For that price, a TX802 and good effect unit(s) is so much more practical to make great music with.