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A question regarding VR-09 and in general

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  • A question regarding VR-09 and in general

    I was just wondeing, with the VR-09 having super cool features like hardware synth ADSR, organ sliders and looper, why does it have so few presets (I read about 200, abit more actually). Yeah I get that some of them are supernatural and they are generally higher quality then let's say... the Juno Di, which by the way have a whopping 1000 sounds! Is the VR a synthesizer? with lotsa sounds ; or is it a classified as a piano/organ?

    I always wondered as to why digital pianos like the RD have so few sounds and the Juno has so many! Look at the prices :P why would I want an RD (considering I don't care for what action they keys are and would compromise for less quality sounds.......because with 200 presets I'd be really bored very soon)...


    Can't roland release something with like 600-800 sounds in supernatural or near quality? now you would say there's the Jupiter 80 but from what I can see it's not for me...  I don't like big bad ass screens. I'm more of a knob/slider guy. Why would I buy a JP-80 if I can just use plugins for tweaking in screens?



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    It's not really a synth, it's a stage piano/organ that also has a synth engine.  It's not clear (haven't seen  a manual) whether you can save your own edits.

    Besides, do you need 1000 sounds? I find the huge preset counts in modern instruments a bit overwhelming, myself. 

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      It's very easy to load a bunch of crap sounds into a board just so the marketing can say "1000 SOUNDS"

      A ton of sounds is great for recording, but as a live player I use maybe 6.

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    Gm2 compatible, so it has enough sounds. In a video, a demo guy said u can save the edits in the same patch location. So there's no rom bank. Ive heard juno di in action, actually sounds good in general, but very thin pianos.so few good sounds better than plenty mediocre ones. Im really liking vr09's organ look, (even the buttons).
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