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    How does Tabletop vs audiobus vs cubasis compare for controlling other apps, recording, & routing audio on iOS? There is a lot of buzz about audiobus but it seems like there is some feature overlap between these offerings, and audiobus support has to be specifically coded into the apps as far as I know. Tabletop is free so I am going to give that a test.

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    For Cubasis you can now check out this review which will answer some of your questions.  How did Tabletop (free) work for you?


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      Tabletop itself is free, but you have to buy relevant modules (or some supported apps) anyway. The number of supported modules in Tabletop is limited and the way how you can use them is quite predefined. With Audiobus you can do lot more as the large number of different apps supporting Audiobus is still growing. With Audibus you can do flexible signal routings utilizing filters and effects form one app, but using another app as the sound source and third app as recorder. And just a side note - theoretically there is even better solution free app Jack Connection Kit, but despite that it is around for a while and it is said that it is super easy to integrate it into existing apps, still no one wants to support it.