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  • bragging rights licks on synth

    Many years ago I read an article that analysed Lester Young's solo on the Jones-Smith Inc recording of "Shoe Shine Boy." (Jones-Smith was a pseudonym for the Count Basie band and this was, maybe, their first recording.) 

    One of the points made was that right off in the solo, Young performs a couple of really difficult moves as if to say: "Here I am, move over. Now listen here." 

    Piano players have the same stuff--scale and arpeggios done really fast. So do organists. Guitar players, of course, have little else (wink smiley here).

    What, think you, constitutes a bragging rights lick on synth? It's such a very different instrument than piano or organ, I don't know if there's an equivalent.

    Lester Young's solo starts at 0:44 after Basie's piano.

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    As far as syle of playing goes

    For synth, Rick Wakeman comes to mind.

    For Piano, Chuck Leavell maybe.

    Organ, Gregg Rolie perhaps.

    The further away I am, the better I sound....


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      Editing a comment

      I'm a self-acknowledged "hack", never learned to read, and I don't mind blending in as much as possible --so my "proud of myself" licks may be low-hanging fruit for pros.  That said, the ones I've learned that I'm pretty proud of:

      piano: solo to The Breeze (just weird phrasing to me, mess it up often )

      organ: Foreplay  (still working on it at full speed honestly, and doing left-hand at the same time is a struggle)

      synth: tough one, I can't think of too many hard synth parts I've had to learn.  As a teenager I worked up Foolin' Yourself from Styx note for note, I was feeling pretty good at the time!

      Edit: Synth does open things up for me in one area--controlling the sound.  I'm just as impressed at being able to manipulate filters etc while playing to make a cool sound as I am playing a billion notes per minute.  I can't think of good examples offhand unfortunately.