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can waldorf blofeld keyboard do rock organs ?

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  • can waldorf blofeld keyboard do rock organs ?

    having 60MB sample ram, can Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard do rock organs ? are there commercial sample/patch banks available to cater various sounds mainly the 128 GM sounds (i don't mean GM compatiblity)

    I know it's mainly a synth, but I heard some of it's good acoustic sounds, and just wonder whether it can provide plenty good organs ? Another reason is it's less than EUR600, have great keybed with aftertouch, metal body, internal PSU, 49key (perfect size) etc... 

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    If you want your organ to sound like 1980's D-50 organs, samples is the way to go.

    All decent modern organ clones are modelled.

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    • Stokely
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      I don't recall the desktop version having any kind of organ...but then again I think the keyboard version came with some sample memory (?) and possibly a useable piano patch.  But I didn't see any evidence for it having any good organ or I might have bought one a few years ago.  (Not to say it can't be done, but I don't want to be the first!  I'm cautious about spending...)

      Not nearly the same board, but one that might hit the spot for you: Kurzweil pc361.  I recently picked up a used one and it's taking care of my VA needs, piano, strings and a very nice rock organ IMO (which you can tweak like crazy).  Again I know it's not the same kind of synth but I've been thrilled to death with it and the build quality is outstanding.

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    I have thought the same. I have horrible synth gas, but I need organs first, and I thought, that the blofeld could be my swiss gig knife, but ultimately didn't dare to buy it yet.


    This is the best organ demo I found(@89):


    Some one else tried to emulate leslie by crossfading fast and slow samples, but that didn't sound super convincing either.

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    • AnotherScott
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      For a low cost organ - synth hybrid, I'd look at Roland VR-09, or if that's out of budget, Casio XW-P1. Or maybe trigger an iPad. It has some very cool synth apps, and decent organ too.

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    Thanks all. I guess its bad idea
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