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Which IK Programs (of these) Would You Choose for Free?


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  • Which IK Programs (of these) Would You Choose for Free?

    IK is giving away your choice of free programs when you buy and register an iRig keys before the end of the month.


    Looks like it'll be three freebies at this point.  Which would you choose and why?

    The options are:

    Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleTank 2.5 XL, SampleMoog, Sample Tron or SonikSynth 2.

    Is it a good deal to buy the iRig KEYS just to get these?


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    Not sure about the iRig deal, but I recently got the Total Workstation XL bundle and I've found the SampleTank 2.5 and SonicSynth to be the most useful for my purposes. I thought I would get a lot of use out of the Miroslav stuff for the strings and horns but so far I don't find the Miroslav stuff usefull for pop/soul/funk/rock. And the Tron and Moog VST seem, to me, to be for specialty purposes only. I don't do a lot of lead synth stuff, but, the Moog might be great for that. And for $149 the Total Workstation XL bundle is a damn steal IMHO.


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      The IK instruments are available on regular basis at heavy discounts...$40 or less...or in various bundles.

      All are variations on SampleTank with the same engine and interface (reskinned), just the sample sets differ.

      If you need a basic pallette of sounds, then Sample Tank and SonikSynth.

      SampleTron is cool if you are a Mellotron junkie (I am).

      Miroslav only if you need classical orchestras (as mentioned above, not that useful for pop/rock strings and brass).

      SampleMoog pales next to Minimoog VAs IMHO.

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    Thanks for the answers. I don't really *need* any of these. I was considering geting it, just if they were a good deal.


    My main interest would have been the Orchestral stuff, but since it seems not to be so usable for pop, I think I'll pass.


    Thanks again!