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  • king korg review sonic state

    posted 14:17pm g.m.t -  friday 22nd march 2013


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    Not my cup of tea.

    Thanks Cress head for the vid.



    • Casio Man
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      It would be my cup of tea, as I'm in need of gigging army knife, and I even like the sound quite a bit, but as I have been parrotting it over and over again, I cannot get over some small things; the scrapped another filter,  lacking after touch and missing sequencer and overall bald, knobles look of the panel. None of those things are not a game breakers, not even combined, but it just irritates me. 


      I wonder how much more expensive this would have been, if the synth engine was just a bit more interesting, and if it also had one of those very inexpensive resistive touch screens.

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    That was no review.


    • cresshead
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      that was no reply  :manlol:


      review :

      A formal assessment or examination of something.

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    I drove 1 hour in LA traffic to play one of these myself after looking like a crazy man for any real reviews online of the King Korg.

    I'm a user interface designer and I feel the interface is by far the best I've experienced on any musical instrument I've played - although the routing functionality is to be wanted, although hopefully that's solved in the library manager.

    Overall I feel this is an amazing syth if you're looking for an expressive instrument - and if a raunchy double bachelor party in vegas doesn't wipe me out I'll have one in a couple months. BUT IT IS A TERRIBLE WORK STATION. For 1300 USD you can get a really good work station on craig station and if you don't want or cant use your computer for a DAW you're happy with for the love of god don't spend 1300 on a synth.


    • SweatTare
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      excuse the grammer, I was a little drunk writing this.