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DX7's 30th anniversary ?


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  • DX7's 30th anniversary ?

    Is there a chance to see a new DX7 this year ?

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    Interesting thought ;-)



    • mate_stubb
      mate_stubb commented
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      I must remember to set one on fire and hurl it from a trebuchet in celebration!

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    Yamaha already perfected the DX7 In 1987 with the MARK 2. No synth in history without the aid of samples and other waveforms has a greater sonic spectrum. And the reason ive never wanted any of the modern synths is they try too hard. Yamaha got it perfect with the DX7 II. If you cant make great sounds with one of those gems forget it. It gets no better. No gimmicks, no samples. Just a pure synth that can do anything from hi-hats to a grand piano.


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      • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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        Yamaha would do anything when they would be

        certain in advance that someone buys their ****************

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      Would it be too much work for yamaha to put fm+formants in their motif line?


      • Oncle Bob
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        In my crystal balls... i see... a new synth from Yamaha and i see... wait... a knob... no, wait... a lot of knobs !

        Oh my... wait... it's... it's... it's not a workstation... it's... a miracle ! Yes ! A miracle ! It's a synth ! Yes, a synth, a real analog synth... OMG... Yamaha is back !


        And now, it's time to take my pills.


        Have a nice day/night.