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korg ms20 mini - 100% analog


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  • korg ms20 mini - 100% analog


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    just got done pre-ordering this via sweetwater. should get one fresh off the boat!




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      Yamaha wake up!!!!


      • McHale
        McHale commented
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        Holy crap! A street of $599?!

        If this does well, I'm really thinking Korg will unveil an analog poly synth down the road.


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      Well done korg. No more overpriced ms20s and ms20 controllers on ebay.


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      I'm hoping this will be a real winner for Korg. 


      It seems a lot more useful than those mini analog thingies they've been putting out the last few years.


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        The price is low because the original was pretty simple and now it can be replicated using surface mount components. I would have been more interested in a module alone without the weird-sized key, even at the same price. I am totally turned off by the odd keybed. I guess I am just weird. But you all knew that already.

        Also I am told that, just like the original, the pitch CV is V/Hz and not V/Oct, which may or may not matter and/or be an inconvenience to you. The unit does take MIDI in, though.

        Korg will sell a ton of these, they will sound awesome, and the re-emergence of analog synths will continue. It is what this might open up later on that interests me the most.

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          April? Too long. Enough time to save up for prophet 12 *wipes saliva*


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            Guys, just to double check, the keys are full-sized right?

            Will there be mono/poly soon?


            • cresshead
              cresshead commented
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              no, keys are not full size...they a re also NOT the standard mini keys on other Korg's in the micro series either.

              they are larger than micro but smaller than full..

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            Thanks. Larger than micro, i assume its like cz101. Totally playable. Thomann will get stock 4th april.


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            Wonder if we would see monopoly mini?


            • Bernard
              Bernard commented
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              zzzxtreme wrote:
              Wonder if we would see monopoly mini?


              The pic of the 80's Japanese Car box got me thinking, if it was placed there on purpose then I can confirm they chose a company that keeps re-releasing old products.. They also hinted if things sell they will consider more stuff... Could be just the beginning

            • liliththekitten
              liliththekitten commented
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              I was thinking this but only with the Polysix. I love the Polysix but the M/P is a bit more interesting. Both those synths used SSM filters though, so as long as Korg is recycling MS-10/20 filters, it wouldn't sound the same. Might be more like the Poly61 which used the MS-20 mkII filter, only minus the 61's nasty digital square wave.

              But it'd be interesting, and at these prices, who would complain?

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            Monopoly was and still cutting egde. Maybe they dont want to kill kingkorg's sales. Not counting on it


            • Casio Man
              Casio Man commented
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              The thing, that I would want the most in the world would be a PS-2013;  a sensible, but full featured 4 voice version of PS-3300 might be surprisingly affordable. I don't quite remember the figures I played with, but after toying around with inflation- and currency converters some time ago, I remember, that it looked like a very rough price estimation of one voice would have been some where around $500.


              Its very, very likely, that Korg is going after more easily marketable features, like polyphony and sleaker unit, as well as more well known name, but after playing around with a thought of having that kind of monster in my cave makes everything else feel lame.


              ...and...iirc, the MS-20 was using the components of the PS-range.

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            Ive pressed the keys. Quite pleasant i must say.