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Trance Production advice, Polysynths, supersaw layeriing, unison,

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  • Trance Production advice, Polysynths, supersaw layeriing, unison,

    I want a fully analog wav shaping synth with multiple oscillators and enough voices polyphony etc to be able to send into ableton without having to add additional enhancing effects (mastering ok).  What is the minium polyphony within a exported patch to have a really thick luscious multiple sawtooth sonically separated sound?  Im looking at mopho keyboard analog but it only jas 4 voices...but how much dynamic room is within each of those voices, because you can get a ****************ty roland digital virtual anolog or kin korg with multiple oscillators and way more voices (polyphony?) but the sound dynamic that you get, i mean the qulaity and separation, separate timbre, separate detuned wavs, lush, layered synth pad and voice sounds layered bass for trance that I know you neecd for high quality patcht transfer into DAW.  But what if youre transferring midi only and no audio from a analog synth, doesnt that mean that you are losing all the advantage of the anlaog sound because its bascially just a mapping tool controller at that point. ?  Bascioally I want  a hardware synth that is capable of truly producign patches that have multiple ricch lkayers of fully expressed sounds.  I need rich multi layer patches like for hi voice leads with orchestral backing, brass backing etc, and also deep rich buzzy bass, my prce range is like $1300, sorry for the ramble but my mind is on overdrive right now with info and sounds in my mind.


    These are some of the sounds I want to be able to replicate...( NOT IMITATE) and probabyl even have better quality than these, I know that ultimately I want to sequence probably sample and loop inside ableton, so i dont care about on  board sequencer, workstation type keyboards, i solely care about the quality and complexity of the patches i can import into ableton, like i know on the king korg it multiple osc and dual timbre and you can unison it and stack like 8 separate wwav forms on eachother but it's all virtual analog etc, and i am needing advice, or am  ii stressing this all too much because im more after trance tricks like gate and such and arpeggiator basslines etc and the quality isnt that important, no it IS important, sorry i am bipolar so I ramble and make bizarre statements.

    LIke I get that you could have a monphonic anlog synth and export separate layersto stack them on eachother and the quality would be good, bt is it only the really expensive ones like moog and prophet 12  that have onboard hi quality layering of multiple wav forms and mod detune timbral shaping of individual wavs within the patch.........

    In10city (12Inch Mix) (this is an older track but still has really good tonal separation and dyncmic of the bassling aropeggio and also the wave supersaw near the middle at the breakdown is AWESOME) so much bite nad brightness and punch and tonal power in that sound


    Twilight Tonight (Arty Remode)

    spellbound (original mix) darren porter

    Loneliness Won't Leave Me Alone (feat. Neev Kennedy) [Sebastian Brandt Remix]



    some dj mixes ive done



    Gear:<br><br>Ableton 9<br><br>Access Virus KC<br><br>Tascam US122L<br><br>i7 lenovo

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    It's uncommon to use true analog synths for trance music production. Most of it is made with software nowadays anyway.

    The Access Virus Ti2 is the industry standard hardware Trance Synth at the moment:



    Has awesome software integration with your DAW, and the hypersaw waveform should have you covered for the sounds you want. It also has more than enough polyphony to keep you covered.


    Bear in mind though, you'd probably be more than satisfied with a software VSTi like Sylenth1, which can be bought for a fraction of the cost.


    Back in the day, the Roland JP-8000 was the trance king (it had better not be the "sh*tty roland virtual analog" you refer to!) - almost EVERY trance artist between about 1997 and 2003 used one, imo has the best supersaw out of all of them, but it's incredibly raw compared to the Virus. If you want the silky smooth trance sound, the Virus is the one to go for, whereas if you prefer the oldschool early 2000s stuff (most modern trance is overproduced souless sh*t imo), the JP is the business. I'd personally avoid Korg stuff for trance, apart from maybe the Radias.


    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about saw waves? Are you asking how to make a supersaw? Traditionally, that sound came from the JP-8000 and is 7 sawtooth waves stacked on top of each other and detuned.

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      Yea ahahah I know all about the jp8000 and such, but I though that producers used anlog only for the best quality...the recording quality has vastly improved just from 5 years ago in edm and the trance genre especially. You seriously think that professional trance producers use a virtual synth? seriously? Is there really a difference between a virtual analog hardware synth and a virtual anolog software synth in terms of sound quality? I mean they are both using digital info transfer so it shouldnt matter, but nothing is like actually having a physical INSTURMENT like a hard synth to use and perform and play with you know? Ok forget about the true analog synth then, what you recomend for a virtual analog? That I can get for new right now around 1300.

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      the virus t1 is $3000 which i dont have but the virus snow is 1300 so in my range.........what you think