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Kurzweil SP5-8 vs Roland RD 300 gx


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  • Kurzweil SP5-8 vs Roland RD 300 gx


    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Kurzweil SP5-8.  My wife and I are buying a mid-range Stage Piano for her, and currently trying to decide between this and Roland RD 300 gx.  We have heard some demos on YouTube and the sounds on the Kurzweil seem pretty decent.  She has played on the Roland before and likes it, but it seems that the sounds are the Kurzweil are better.  The Kurzweil is most we can afford (about $1600).

    Any advice would be much appreciated, or maybe a recommendation other than these.  Requirements are a stage piano without speakers (we will be using studio monitors), weighted keyboard and high quality sounds.



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    I have a Roland RD300GX - very nice machine but limited in sound set... maybe that's what you mean by the sounds are "better" on the Kurzweil?

    I have a Yamaha MoX8 (88 keys) and a Korg M3 (61 keys) that I use for most band gigs - I use the Roland RD300GX for certain other gigs - particularly where I have to play left-hand bass, since the Splits and Layers options on the RD300GX are obscenely simple to use.  .png" alt=":smileytongue:" title="Smiley Tongue" />


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      That's helpful. We basically like how the samples on the Kurzweil sound - they seem to have a warmer/deeper edge to them than the brighter sounding Roland, and seem maybe slightly more professional - from what I understand all the samples were taken from a higher model.  My wife's friend did a demo and we were both drooling over their quality:


      We don't have budget to get an extra module or a synth so important to us that we get something really quality.

      We are not too concerned about the action of the keys - enough for us that it is weighted.  It will be used for playing at home recreationally and in the future maybe as part of the worship team in a church.  There seem to be very few reviews of this Kurzweil anywhere on the net as it is pretty new - and we don't have the possibility at the moment to test it before buying.  So were hoping someone here has tested or owns one?

      My wife has a lot of experience with the Roland RD300GX and likes it, so this is always a fall back.  Also from what I understand Roland may be releasing a new model soon.

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    Are 88 keys a must?  If not, then consider the PC3LE7:



    I am not sure if the sounds in the SP5-8 are similar to the SP4-7 in this regard, from an Amazon review of the SP4-7:


    Though the sounds are "borrowed" from Kurzweil's flagship PC3 series, they're compressed, dithered versions so the smaller processor and system software of the SP4 can handle them. This stripping down shows mostly in acoustic sounds like piano and guitar; they seem dated and less nuanced compared to what's offered by major manufacturers these days. Yes, there are instant controls for effects and timbre, but for many sounds they are about as basic as they come.


    I would want to hear one thru headphones.

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      We need 88 keys.  Agree, from the demos SP4-8 sounds pretty basic.  SP5-8 also has sounds borrowed from PC3 series, but is a huge step up.  Has to be a stage piano, so PC3 series won't work.